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Patricia Reid-Waugh, Author and Retirement Coach spent her early working life as a teacher of mathematics before returning to university to complete a master’s degree in accounting. She then pursued an extensive professional accountancy career with Deloitte firms in Jamaica and St. Maarten and later served as Regulator of the financial services for the island of Nevis, West Indies. She retired from the working world in 2011.

Having ventured into the world of literary publication with her first book Retirement, A New Adventure, Patricia now delivers presentations at retirement seminars and workshops in Jamaica, St. Martin and Florida, USA. exciting participants with personal stories and valuable tips on how to navigate life pre and post retirement. One seminar participant declared:

“Wow! Mrs. Reid-Waugh’s presentation was truly motivating, inspiring and educational. After listening to her experiences, I felt confident that with proper planning, I too can have a fulfilling and exciting retirement.”
– eGov Jamaica Retirement Seminar July 2018

Patricia’s multicultural exposure is complimented by her broad creative and social pursuits, a great sense of humor, and a passion for life. She plays the piano and organ and writes poetry and short stories for entertainment at community and family events. Since retirement, Patricia has taken up the challenge of learning to play the violin and steel pan, determined to dispel the myth that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Tel: (941) 445-8606 (USA & Canada); (876) 474-4144 (Jamaica)