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Book Overview

The thesis of the book is that life in retirement involves much more than just ensuring financial security. Retirement opens up opportunities for doing new things and learning new things, exploring new places and meeting new people, discovering hidden talents and showcasing them, and, experimenting with new tools and technologies to reconnect with the past and connect to the future. Retirement affords time to fulfil long-held dreams and aspirations on the journey to self-actualization.

The Caribbean Today News Magazine recommends this book to its readers stating:

“Think retirement is a boring, hibernating experience? Well think again. Jamaican-born retiree Patricia Reid-Waugh will turn your perception of this well-deserved respite from work upside down in her new book Retirement, A New Adventure. Waugh outlines retirement as a life filled with non-stop living and renewal, taken up with everything you always wanted to do and more. The book is the perfect example of living dreams after work life.”
– Caribbean Today News Magazine, October 2017

What sets this book apart is that the stories it provides come from real life experiences of the author and others; stories ranging from silly to serious. So, whether you are long-retired or pre-retired or if you have just been waiting for a sign to pursue your dreams, this book is that sign. Consider it to be the friendly push that tells you, “Now is your time. Go for it!” It is never too late or too early to begin living the adventures of which you have always dreamed.